AT-4500 Time Clock: Streamline Employee Time Tracking


The AT-4500 Time Clock is a time clock designed to simplify and streamline the process of tracking employee work hours. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it promises to be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. In this review, we will delve into the product details and explore the experiences of various users.

Having used the AT-4500 for over three years, I can confidently say that it has been a reliable and efficient time clock for our small business. The setup process was quick and easy, thanks to the menu-guided instructions. Our employees appreciate the touch-free operation, as they simply need to drop in their card for printing without having to press any buttons.

However, we did encounter an issue recently when we had to change the ink ribbon. One of the pins in the dot matrix print head stopped firing, resulting in a blank line across the printing. While this did not significantly impact functionality, it did make it slightly difficult to read certain numbers. Although the technical support was helpful, they informed us that replacing the time clock was the only solution. Considering our relatively low usage, we expected it to last longer or have a replaceable head.

Efficient Time Tracking with the AT-4500 Time Clock

AT-4500 Time Clock

The AT-4500 Time Clock is a reliable and user-friendly solution for tracking employee work hours. With its ability to calculate both regular and overtime hours, this time clock simplifies the process of payroll management. Setting up the AT-4500 is quick and easy, thanks to its menu-guided setup. Employees can simply drop in their time card for punching, eliminating the need for pressing any buttons or aligning the card. This touch-free feature not only saves time but also reduces the risk of surface contamination, promoting a safe working environment.

Lifetime Support and Setup Assistance for the AT-4500 Time Clock

Allied Time USA offers lifetime support and setup assistance for the AT-4500 Time Clock. In case you encounter any issues or have questions, their US-based support team is available to provide the necessary assistance. This lifetime support ensures that you can rely on the AT-4500 for years to come, with the peace of mind knowing that help is just a call away. Whether you need guidance during the initial setup or require troubleshooting support later on, Allied Time USA is committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Positive User Experiences with the AT-4500 Time Clock

Customers who have used the AT-4500 Time Clock have shared positive experiences. Many appreciate its user-friendly interface and accurate time tracking capabilities. The clock’s ability to automatically adjust itself after an electrical outage has been particularly impressive to users. Additionally, the company’s customer support has received high praise for their responsiveness and helpfulness. In one instance, they promptly replaced a defective unit at no cost to the customer. These positive user experiences highlight the reliability and customer-centric approach of the AT-4500 Time Clock.

Print Quality Considerations with the AT-4500 Time Clock

While the AT-4500 Time Clock has received overall positive feedback, some users have mentioned minor issues with print quality. One user reported a blank line across the printing after changing the ink ribbon. Another user mentioned that the clock sometimes prints on the same line for consecutive days, causing inconvenience for pay periods that span across two days. These print quality considerations are important to note, as they may impact the legibility of time card records. However, they do not diminish the overall functionality and efficiency of the AT-4500 Time Clock.

Streamlining Payroll Management with the AT-4500 Time Clock

The AT-4500 Time Clock streamlines payroll management by accurately calculating work hours and eliminating the need for manual calculations. Users have appreciated the time-saving benefits of the AT-4500, which automatically adds up the hours and reduces the margin for error. Its compatibility with specific time cards ensures seamless integration into existing payroll processes. By automating the time tracking process, the AT-4500 Time Clock enables businesses to focus on other important aspects of their operations.

Longevity and Reliability of the AT-4500 Time Clock

The AT-4500 Time Clock has proven to be a reliable choice for businesses, with users reporting several years of successful usage. While some users have raised concerns about specific features, such as the display of dates or occasional issues with card ejection, the overall performance of the AT-4500 remains satisfactory. Its ability to accurately calculate and track work hours has been appreciated by users, saving them valuable time and effort. The AT-4500 Time Clock has stood the test of time for many businesses, delivering on its promise of efficient time tracking.


  • Calculates hours accurately and totals regular and overtime hours worked.
  • Touch-free operation reduces surface contamination and keeps employees safe.
  • Quick and easy setup with menu-guided instructions, no need to press buttons.


  • Issue with printing over time, resulting in a blank line across the printing.
  • Limited card capacity, as only one week can be placed on each side of the card.
  • Some employees may experience difficulty with card insertion, leading to issues with stamping.

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In conclusion, the AT-4500 offers a convenient and accurate way to calculate regular and overtime hours worked. Its user-friendly interface and touch-free operation make it a favorite among employees. However, there have been some issues with print quality and durability, which may be a concern for businesses with higher usage. Nevertheless, the outstanding customer support provided by the Allied Time USA Store adds value to the overall product experience.

Questions & Answers:

Can this time clock handle daily and weekly overtime calculations?

Yes, the time clock can calculate regular and overtime hours both on a daily and weekly basis.

Is it easy to set up the time clock and make any necessary adjustments?

Yes, the menu-guided setup process takes just a few minutes and allows for easy customization and changes.

Does the time clock come with reliable customer support and assistance?

Yes, the product offers US-based lifetime support and setup assistance to help with any questions or issues that may arise.

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