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Resiners Curing Machine: Faster and Smarter Resin Curing for Enthusiasts


The Resiners Curing Machine with Deeper Trays, Cure Ⅱ, is a game changer for epoxy resin enthusiasts. This innovative curing machine offers deeper trays and various modes to cater to different levels of expertise. With the promise of faster and smarter resin curing, it has gained popularity among DIY enthusiasts. In this review, we will delve into the product’s features, examine personal experiences, and provide a conclusion on its overall performance.

Having tried the Resiners Resin Curing Machine, I must say that it delivers on its promises. The deeper trays are a significant improvement, allowing for the simultaneous curing of multiple epoxy resin molds. The adjustable height between trays adds convenience and flexibility, accommodating molds of various sizes.

The two different modes, AI and Custom, cater to both beginners and advanced users. The AI mode offers one-click operation and quick two-hour curing, perfect for those new to epoxy resin crafts. On the other hand, the Custom mode provides more control over the curing process, allowing for precise time and temperature settings for more intricate projects.

I was pleasantly surprised by the faster curing time. Previously, epoxy resin would take around 24 hours to cure completely. With the Resiners curing machine, the curing time is reduced to just two hours, significantly improving productivity. This is especially beneficial for artists and crafters who want to create more resin art in a shorter amount of time.

The 3D thermal cycling technology ensures that the epoxy resin cures evenly and fully. This eliminates concerns about temperature affecting the quality of the resin or creating bubbles. The patent protection further assures the authenticity and uniqueness of this product.

Resiners Curing Machine: Deeper Trays for Efficient Resin Curing

Resiners Curing Machine

Resiners Resin Curing Machine, also known as CURE Ⅱ, comes with deeper trays that are a game changer for resin enthusiasts. The trays have an adjustable height feature, allowing you to rotate them horizontally to set the height between 1.4″ and 1.8″. With each tray measuring 10.2″ x 7.9″, they can accommodate various molds such as jewelry molds and domino molds. This means you can cure multiple epoxy resin pieces simultaneously, significantly improving your DIY efficiency.

Easy Operation for All Skill Levels

Resiners understand that epoxy resin lovers have different skill levels. That’s why they have designed the CURE Ⅱ with two modes to cater to beginners and advanced users. The AI button is perfect for beginners, offering a one-click operation and a fast two-hour curing time. It allows you to experience the magic of epoxy resin without any hassle. For advanced users, there is a custom mode where you can set specific time and temperature settings to achieve the best curing effect for more intricate resin crafts.

Faster Curing Time for Increased Productivity

Resiners’ quick epoxy resin curing machine is a game changer when it comes to reducing curing time. While epoxy resin typically takes around 24 hours to cure completely, the CURE Ⅱ can achieve fast curing in just two hours. This means you can spend less time waiting for your resin to cure and more time creating. The shorter curing time also provides a quick break for relaxation, allowing your mind to recharge and inspire more creative ideas. This feature is especially beneficial for artists and crafters who work with epoxy resin on a regular basis.

Smart Thermal Cycling Technology for Even Curing

Resiners has incorporated advanced 3D thermal cycling technology into their epoxy resin curing machine. This ensures that the resin is cured fully and evenly, without affecting its quality or creating unwanted bubbles. The thermal cycling program controls temperature fluctuations, resulting in precise and consistent curing. With Resiners’ patented technology, you can trust that your epoxy resin crafts will be created delicately and with professional quality.

Building a Community for Epoxy Resin Art Lovers

Resiners not only offers a high-quality epoxy resin curing machine but is also committed to building a vibrant community for epoxy resin art lovers. They welcome your ideas and suggestions for improving epoxy resin art supplies. If you have any seemingly impossible ideas, Resiners is open to collaboration and changing the way epoxy resin art is done. Join their community and be part of the resin art revolution.

Excellent Customer Service


Resiners value their customers and provide excellent customer service. They have received positive feedback regarding their responsiveness and willingness to address any issues or concerns. Whether it’s replacing trays or offering solutions, Resiners goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. You can trust in their commitment to delivering a high-quality product and supporting their customers throughout their resin crafting journey.


  • Deeper trays allow for curing multiple epoxy resin pieces at once, improving DIY efficiency.
  • Two modes (AI button for beginners and custom mode for advanced users) cater to epoxy resin lovers of different skill levels.
  • Fast curing time of as short as 2 hours, reducing the overall time needed for epoxy resin projects.


  • Trays are not level, requiring additional steps to ensure even curing.
  • Setting the time and temperature on the machine can be confusing.
  • Some customers have experienced issues with the trays bending or warping, resulting in uneven curing.

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Overall, the Resiners Resin Curing Machine with Deeper Trays, Cure Ⅱ, is a worthwhile investment for epoxy resin enthusiasts. Its deeper trays, faster curing time, and smart features make resin curing more efficient and convenient. While there have been some minor drawbacks, such as uneven trays and a short power cord, the excellent customer service provided by Resiners makes up for these issues.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced resin artist, this curing machine will undoubtedly enhance your creative process and help you achieve professional-looking results. If you are looking to speed up your resin curing and improve your productivity, the Resiners Resin Curing Machine is definitely worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Are the trays adjustable in height?

Yes, the trays can be adjusted in height by rotating them 180° horizontally.

How long does it take for epoxy resin to cure completely with this machine?

Typically, epoxy resin takes about 24 hours to cure completely, but with this machine, the curing time can be reduced to as short as 2 hours.

Is the machine suitable for larger epoxy resin projects?

The machine is more suitable for smaller individual molds, but the brand is working on developing larger tray sizes for bigger pieces.


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