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Jesmonite Alternative – Tassika Eco Resin Kit: A Beginner’s Dream for Beautiful Resin Crafts


The Jesmonite alternative, Tassika Eco Resin Powder for Beginners, is a complete resin kit that offers a fantastic opportunity for those interested in creating beautiful handcrafted items. With its easy-to-use nature and durable material, this kit provides a great starting point for beginners in the world of resin crafting. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the product and offer a conclusion based on its performance.

I recently purchased the Tassika Eco Resin Powder for Beginners and found it to be a fun and enjoyable kit to work with. The instructions provided were not the most detailed, so I watched some tutorials beforehand to familiarize myself with the process. However, even as a first-time user, I didn’t find it difficult to create my desired projects.

The kit provided enough powder to make a trinket tray, hex coaster, and four smaller round coasters. I experimented with different ways of coloring the acrylic resin/cement and found that the included pigments worked best. Acrylic paint resulted in lighter colors, while mica powder produced dull and off-tone shades. Alcohol inks, on the other hand, worked well for solid coloring effects.

One cautionary note is to protect your lungs while working with the powder and especially when using alcohol inks. Wearing a mask is essential to avoid inhalation. Additionally, it’s important not to wash any leftover mixture down the drain, as it can damage plumbing. Let it harden in a plastic cup, crush it up, and dispose of it properly.

I did not use the sandpaper or acetate sheet included in the kit, so I cannot comment on their performance. However, overall, I found the kit to be worth the price. It would make a great weekend project with a child or a thoughtful gift for a crafty friend.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Work With

Jesmonite alternative

For those who are conscious of the environment and want to create beautiful handcrafts, the perfect choice is the Tassika Eco Resin Powder. This 4lb refill powder is made from water-based acrylic gypsum resin, making it non-toxic and VOC-free. It is not only easy to work with but also durable, heatproof, and can be sealed to be waterproof. Once fully cured, the final product is extremely durable and has a luxurious velvet finish after sanding and sealing. With this resin powder, you can easily create terrazzo and marble-style handcrafts.

The kit comes with step-by-step instructions, making it suitable for beginners. It is enough to make 12 trinket trays or 20 coasters, providing ample material for your creative projects. Whether you’re making sculptures, candle holders, planters, vases, ashtrays, coasters, or trinket trays, this eco resin powder is the perfect material. Its strength and ability to produce fine and intricate details make it a popular choice for jewelry makers as well.

Complete Kit for Beautiful Handcrafts

Jesmonite alternative

Not just a refill powder, but a complete kit for creating stunning handcrafts is the Tassika Eco Resin Powder for Beginners. The kit includes everything you need, except for pigments and sealer. It is a perfect gift idea for family and friends who are interested in resin crafts. Working with this eco resin is safe and easy, and cleanup is a breeze with just water. The kit comes with complete supplies and step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable crafting experience.

Fun and Versatile Crafting Experience

Jesmonite alternative

The satisfaction expressed by customers is with the Tassika Eco Resin Powder for Beginners. They find it easy to use and fun, making it a great weekend project or a gift for crafty friends. The powder takes color pigments well and allows for experimentation with different coloring techniques. While the included pigments are the easiest to use, customers have also tried acrylic paint, mica powder, and alcohol inks with varying results. It is important to protect your lungs and wear a mask when working with the powder and especially when using alcohol inks.

Jesmonite alternative: Comparison with Other Products

Jesmonite alternative

The Tassika Eco Resin Powder for Beginners has been compared by customers with other products like Teexport and JDiction ResinCrete. They have found that this eco resin powder is as good as, if not better than, these more expensive alternatives. It has fewer air bubbles and takes color better than JDiction ResinCrete. With its affordable price and quality performance, customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Jesmonite alternative: Sanding Paper Issue

Jesmonite alternative

Issues with the sanding paper included in the kit have been faced by some customers. They have found that the sandpaper falls apart when used underwater, which is necessary for sanding Jesmonite terrazzo trays. This has caused inconvenience and the need to purchase separate sanding paper. Additionally, customers have mentioned that the bag the powder comes in does not have a seal, which goes against the instructions to keep it sealed for proper storage. These minor issues have slightly affected the overall experience for some customers.

Jesmonite alternative: Positive Feedback and Demand

The Tassika Eco Resin Powder for Beginners has overall provided customers with a positive experience. They find it fun, easy to work with, and love the results it produces. Some customers have even mentioned that it is better than Jesmonite and have expressed their love for the product. The demand for this product is evident, with customers purchasing multiple containers and hoping that it will continue to be available in the future.


  • Refill Powder of 4lb: Our Eco resin craft kit is perfect for anyone interested in making beautiful handcraft. We offer 4lb powder and instruction (No pigments and sealer included).
  • Easy Work with and Durable Material: This composite powder is water-based acrylic gypsum resin that is non-toxic and VOC-free. It is heatproof, durable, and should be sealed to be waterproof. Once fully cured, the final product is extremely durable, while its velvet finish after sanding and sealing makes for a luxurious feeling final product!
  • Enough for making 12-20 Coasters or Trays: This powder refill set comes with 4lbs powder, totally enough for making at least 12 trinket trays or 20 coasters. Following our step-by-step instruction, making handcraft of terrazzo and marble style easily.


  • The directions aren’t really great. Watch some tutorials before using.
  • The sandpaper included in the kit is not suitable for sanding wet Jesmonite, which can lead to difficulties in finishing projects.
  • The bag that the Jesmonite comes in does not have a seal, making it difficult to properly store the product.

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In conclusion, the Tassika Eco Resin Powder for Beginners is a fantastic kit for those looking to explore the world of terrazzo-style handcrafts. It is easy to work with, provides durable results, and offers enough powder to create multiple projects. While the instructions could be more detailed, the kit is still enjoyable to use. With proper safety precautions and a bit of creativity, you can create stunning resin pieces. I highly recommend this kit to anyone interested in resin crafting.

Questions & Answers:

Can I use this Eco Resin Powder for making sculptures?

Yes, the strength and durability of this powder make it suitable for making sculptures.

How many trinket trays or coasters can I make with this refill kit?

With 4lbs of powder, you can make at least 12 trinket trays or 20 coasters.

Is it easy to clean up this Eco Resin Powder?

Yes, this resin is easy to clean up with water, making it safe and convenient to work with.


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