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Epoxy Resin Kits: Top Picks for Versatile Mold Making



Mold making and epoxy resin kits are essential for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. In this product roundup, we explore top picks that offer reliability, ease of use, and impressive results for various projects.

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The LET’S RESIN Silicone Mold Making Kit is a reliable and user-friendly option for mold making. It is made from premium silicone material, ensuring durability and flexibility for creating intricate molds. The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and a simple mixing process, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters. With a wide range of applications, this kit allows you to unleash your creativity and make unique molds for various DIY projects. Though the curing time may vary, the end results are worth the wait, making it a highly recommended choice.


  • Premium Molds Making Silicone Material
  • Easy Mixing & Pouring
  • No Bubbles


  • Thin Consistency
  • Uncertain Cure Time
  • Lack of Product Information



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The Promise Epoxy – Crystal Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin (2-Gallon Kit) is an excellent option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. With its high-gloss finish, it provides a stunning look to any project. The minimal bubbling ensures a smooth and flawless surface. Its durability makes it suitable for a wide range of projects, including tabletops, embedding, and encapsulation. Despite the strong odor, the overall performance and quality of this resin epoxy kit make it worth the price. Consider the Promise Epoxy for a reliable and versatile epoxy resin solution.


  • Promise Epoxy is a high-gloss and impact-resistant casting resin system that cures quickly to provide a great finish.
  • The epoxy countertop kit produces smooth coats with minimal bubbling, craters, crawling, or fish eyes.
  • The kit includes all the necessary mixing tools, such as graduated mixing cups, stir sticks, brushes, and gloves, making it convenient for DIY projects.


  • The epoxy resin has a strong odor, which can be unpleasant and may require proper ventilation.
  • The resin cures fast, which can make it challenging to work with for larger projects or when needing more time for mixing and pouring.
  • Some users have reported experiencing bubbles when using the resin, although they are easy to pop, precautions need to be taken to avoid contact with the skin or eyes.



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The Nicpro 2 Gallon Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kit is a fantastic choice for coating and casting various materials. With its high-gloss finish, it provides a professional look to any project. The bubble-free formula ensures a smooth and clear result. The kit also includes accessories that make the process more convenient. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, this resin kit will deliver excellent results. Highly recommended for its quality and performance, the Nicpro Epoxy Resin Kit is a reliable option for all your coating and casting needs.


  • The Nicpro 2 Gallon Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kit comes with everything you need to get started right away, including measuring cups, sticks for mixing, gloves, and more.
  • This epoxy resin cures crystal clear and creates a high gloss finish, making it perfect for coating and casting projects.
  • It is self-leveling, self-degassing, and low odor, making it easy and pleasant to work with. It also contains a UV stabilizer and advanced additive to prevent yellowing.


  • One customer mentioned that the resin did not harden properly, even though they followed the instructions carefully.
  • Another customer experienced leaking during delivery, resulting in a sticky mess and uneven parts.
  • The epoxy resin has a long cure time, which may require patience and longer waiting periods for projects to fully set.




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