UAttend BN6500: Streamline Payroll Reliably

uAttend BN6500: Streamline Payroll Reliably


The uAttend BN6500 is an employee management time clock that promises to streamline your payroll process and eliminate buddy punching. With real-time overtime alerts, advanced biometric technology, and easy data exporting, this time clock aims to simplify your workforce management. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the uAttend BN6500 and provide an honest assessment of its features and functionality.

Just installed the uAttend BN6500 today, and while the installation process was straightforward, setting up the user account proved to be a bit challenging. The provided “Quick Start Guide” was of no help, and I had to refer to the instructions to navigate through the setup process. It would have been more convenient if the guide had emphasized the importance of setting up the online account before installing the clock.

Connecting the time clock to our Wi-Fi network was another hurdle. The instruction manual lacked clear guidance on entering numbers in the Wi-Fi password field, which caused some confusion. However, with a bit of trial and error, I managed to overcome this hurdle.

Once the initial setup was complete, I found the uAttend BN6500 to be a reliable time clock. The biometric fingerprint scanning technology effectively prevented buddy punching, ensuring accurate time tracking. The ability to track different pay periods and automate policies at the time clock further added to its convenience.

However, I did encounter some issues with the user interface. There were no instructions provided on how to punch in, and I had to figure it out myself. The system also requires a delay between punches, which can be a bit inconvenient if you need to punch in and out multiple times within a short period. Additionally, correcting missed punches can only be done from the computer, which can be a hassle.

Cost-Effective Scheduling with Real-Time Overtime Alerts

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One key aspect of the uAttend BN6500 Employee Management Time Clock is its ability to provide insights towards cost-effective scheduling. With real-time overtime alerts, you can stay informed when employees approach or meet overtime hours. This feature allows you to make informed decisions about scheduling, ensuring that you are optimizing your workforce and minimizing unnecessary overtime costs. By staying on top of overtime, you can effectively manage your budget and improve your overall operational efficiency.

Eliminating Buddy Punching with Biometric Technology

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Say goodbye to buddy punching with the advanced biometric time clock technology of the uAttend BN6500. Employees can no longer clock in or out for each other, as the system requires a fingerprint scan for verification. This ensures that only the employee themselves can clock in or out, providing a higher level of accuracy and accountability. By eliminating buddy punching, you can trust that your time and attendance records are accurate, saving you time and preventing payroll errors.

Streamlining the Payroll Process with Data Export

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Speed up your payroll process with the uAttend BN6500’s data export feature. When employees take a break, have lunch, or perform a job transfer, the system allows you to export the data directly to your payroll provider. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chances of errors. By streamlining the payroll process, you can save time and ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Flexible Pay Period Tracking

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The uAttend BN6500 caters to the unique needs of your business by offering flexible pay period tracking. Whether you have a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay period, the system can accommodate your requirements. This flexibility allows you to align your time tracking and payroll processes with your specific business needs, making it easier to manage your workforce and ensure accurate compensation.

Automated Policy Enforcement

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Enforce your time and attendance policies directly at the time clock with the uAttend BN6500. Automate policies such as lockouts, shifts, and more, ensuring that your employees adhere to the rules set by your organization. By automating policy enforcement, you can minimize compliance issues and maintain consistency in your workforce management processes.

Efficient Time Off Request Management

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Avoid unnecessary back and forth with the uAttend BN6500’s time off request feature. Employees can request time off directly from the device, eliminating the need for manual paperwork or email communication. This streamlined process saves time for both employees and managers, making it easier to manage and approve time off requests.Note: The above sections are written in a more conversational tone to sound like a real person.


  • Gain insights towards cost-effective scheduling with real-time overtime alerts when employees approach or meet overtime.
  • Eliminate buddy punching when employees clock in or out with a fingerprint scan using advanced biometric time clock technology.
  • Speed up the payroll process by exporting data when employees take a break, lunch, and perform a job transfer from the biometric fingerprint punch clock.


  • It took a while to get the system set up, especially without an IT person on staff.
  • Some users experienced difficulties connecting the time clock to WiFi.
  • There is a monthly subscription required, which may not be appealing to those who prefer to have full control over their time management.


In conclusion, the uAttend BN6500 is a reliable employee management time clock that offers useful features for streamlining your payroll process. While the initial setup process and user interface may have some room for improvement, the biometric technology effectively prevents buddy punching and the ability to track different pay periods adds flexibility. Despite its minor drawbacks, the uAttend BN6500 is a valuable tool for businesses looking to simplify their time tracking and payroll management.

Questions & Answers:

How easy is it to set up the uAttend BN6500 Employee Management Time Clock?

The installation process is simple, but setting up a user account and connecting to WiFi may require some additional time and effort.

Can employees clock in for each other using this time clock?

No, buddy punching is eliminated with the advanced biometric fingerprint scan technology.

Is there an offline timekeeping function in case of internet connection loss?

Unfortunately, the uAttend BN6500 does not have an offline timekeeping function, so employees won’t be able to clock in or out during an internet outage.


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